Welcome To God’s Country Cooperative Parish!

GCCP emblem 2007 for T-shirt

Welcome to our website!  We are still putting on the finishing touches, but have a look around!

The God’s Country Cooperative Parish is in the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It covers a 2500 square mile area from Engadine near Lake Michigan, up to Paradise at Whitefish Bay, to Grand Marais on Lake Superior’s south shore and encompasses McMillan, Germfask, Newberry and Hulbert. Although it is located in some of the most beautiful country you could ever hope to see, the isolation, extremely harsh long winters, and scarcity of jobs bring real challenges to these churches and the communities they serve. Unlike our more densely populated areas where you might find another United Methodist church within a few miles, these churches can be up to 100 miles from their sister churches in the Cooperative. Yet these seven communities of faith combine their resources, share their faith and, through their active presence, work to bring self esteem, hope and faith to all God’s children throughout their vast parish. These goals are accomplished by:

• Cooperative Mission Trips
• Cooperative Bible Studies
• Cooperative Youth Activities
• Cooperative Leadership and Training Events
• Cooperative Support of Mission Projects and Missionaries
• Cooperative Hosting of Volunteers in Mission Teams
• Cooperative Fellowship Activities

One thought on “Welcome To God’s Country Cooperative Parish!

  1. This is an extremely early inquiry to find out if you have a place for a 30 person UMC Youth Workcamp that specializes in home repair for next summer. We have just completed our 20th workcamp.

    Don Barnett
    Wesley UMC
    2727 Wesley Dr.
    Jefferson City, MO 65109

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